Introduction to Venepuncture and Cannulation

Learning Outcomes/Course Outline

Australian Healthcare Academy's Introduction to Cannulation and Venepuncture Course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin practicing cannulation and venepuncture within the clinical setting under the supervision of a trained practitioner. 

On completion of this course, participants will have the required knowledge to commence the workshop assessment phase and supervised cannulation practice. Participants will be able to manage peripheral intravenous cannulation procedures, using best practice while achieving optimal outcomes for their patients.

CPD: 6 points

Who is Eligible to Enroll and Course Duration

Australian Healthcare Academy's Introduction to Venepuncture and Cannulation Course is offered to any licensed healthcare provider whose scope of practice includes Cannulation and/or Venepuncture. This could include Registered Nurse or other Healthcare Practitioner such as Radiographers or Researchers.  

The program is offered over one day from 9-3:30 in our training facility in Sydney. 


Assessment will be carried out through a multiple choice exam and simulated assessment. Participants will receive a certificate of theory completion at the end of the course and then will be provided with a practical component to complete within their employment after which a certificate of theory and practical completion will be awarded. 

Course Content

This course will take a look at the following:

  • Legal implications related to venepuncture and cannulation
  • Standard precautions for these procedures
  • Locate and identify the veins commonly used for cannulation
  • State the potential complications associated with cannulation
  • Explain the prevention and management strategies of these complications
  • Education of a patient who has a peripheral intravenous cannula inserted
  • Demonstrate competence in the procedures of peripheral intravenous cannulation within the simulation environment

Course Cost


2022 Sydney Course Dates:

April 9, April 29, May 7, May 28, June 11, June 24, July 8, July 18, August 11, September 1, October 8, October 17, November 26, December 10

2022 Melbourne Course Dates:

April 14, May 13, May 28, June 10, June 25, July 8, July 23, August 12,
August 27

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