Advanced Life Support

Learning Outcomes/course outline

The aims of the Advanced Life Support Course are as follows:

  • Explain the physiological and pathophysiological response to physical compromise culminating in cardio-respiratory failure.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and clinical competence in the following:
    • Basic Life Support
    • Basic and Advanced Airway Management
    • Defibrillation
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and clinical competence in electrocardiographic monitoring including dysrhythmia analysis and management.
  • Explain the indications for, the correct dose and the adverse effects of the primary resuscitation drugs.
  • Discuss the indications for Transcutaneous (external) Cardiac Pacing and explain the implementation of this form of pacing.
  • Demonstrate advanced clinical problem-solving skills and clinical competence in the cohesive management of life threatening situations in accordance with Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.
  • Identify and outline the roles and responsibilities of the Advanced Life Support Team and the Advanced Life Support certified personnel.
  • Outline the management of the individual immediately post-resuscitation.

CPD Points: 14 points

Duration of course

AHA offers a one day refresher for nurses who hold an ALS certificate from the last two years as well as a 2 day complete ALS training for nurses who have not completed ALS within the last 2 years. 


A practical assessment and written exam will take place on the second day of the course. 

Course accreditation

This course is recognised nationally within a clinical setting and suitable for all healthcare professionals (nursing, medical, allied health, defence force) to attend, but is specifically aimed at nurses and medical staff working in a critical care environment, or with critically ill patients. 

Australian Healthcare Academy offers this course under licence from the Australian College of Critical Nurses (ACCCN). On successful completion of this program a Statement of Achievement in Adult Advance Life Support will be issued by the ACCCN. Australian Healthcare Academy Instructors delivering this program under the ACCCN licence currently possess ACCCN ALS/resuscitation instructor certification.

NSW 2020 Course Dates

One Day Refresher: May 11, July 13, September 28, November 23

Two Day Full Course: March 2-3, March 4-5, May 19-20, July 8-9, September 22-23, November 23-24 

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