29 Jul

Increasing Demand for Nurses in Australia

Alarming figures predict Australia is headed for a “catastrophic” shortage of nursing staff within the next decade. With strong population growth, and an ageing population living longer with more complex problems, the demand for nurses far outweighs…

10 Dec

7 Perks of Working As a Nurse in Australia Over The Holiday Season

Nursing is a job that never stops, not even for the holidays, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a lot of positives that can come from working as a nurse over the holiday season, from spending more time with your patients, to holiday loading…

27 Nov

Registered Nurse Career Opportunities Via Studying

If you’re a qualified registered nurse who’s been thinking of progressing your career in healthcare, there are many study and non-study options available to help you take the next step.

15 Nov

How To Stay Motivated When Studying Nursing

Nursing in Australia requires you to constantly be updating your skills and knowledge in the healthcare industry through various courses that count towards your annual CPD hours. So, staying motivated when studying nursing can be difficult,…

31 Oct

Difference Between Studying to be an Enrolled Nurse vs. Registered Nurse

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in nursing, then understanding the difference between an Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse is very important. There are various factors which differentiate the two from one another, with the primary…

19 Oct

Studying Nursing As A Career Change

Are you thinking about pursuing a new career in nursing? Thankfully, there are many options available to individuals who are thinking of studying nursing to change their career path. With jobs in the healthcare industry (specifically nursing and…

05 Oct

Enrolled Nurse Career Opportunities Via Studying

If you’re a qualified enrolled nurse looking to expand your employment options via studying, we’ve compiled a few options that can help you understand what pathways are available for you.

07 Sep

How You Can Study Nursing To Change Your Nursing Speciality

Deciding to study nursing to change your nursing career path is a realisation met by many registered nurses. It could be that you’ve gained all that you can from your current position, you’re looking for a new challenge, or that it’s simply time for…

20 Aug

Why Study Nursing with Australian Healthcare Academy

We have courses in healthcare to suit everyone At Australian Healthcare Academy most of our courses are created for students who have previous experience of working in healthcare, although we have a range of nursing courses to suit students of any…

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