September Student Spotlight: Safa

September SafaHi Everyone!
This month we would like to put the spotlight on Safa who completed the Introduction to Scrub and Scout Nursing Program in June.  Safa started her nursing career working as a Practice Nurse within a GP Clinic for two years but always wanted to work as a Perioperative Nurse. After applying for many jobs with no luck, Safa decided to enroll at UTS Sydney for a Graduate Certificate in Advance Nursing in Perioperative Care hoping that would help her land her dream job. After still having difficulty securing a job, Safa stumbled upon us at Australian Healthcare Academy and decided to enroll into the Introduction to Scrub and Scout Nursing Program. Safa was lovely enough to take some time out of her day to talk to us more about her experience. Read on below to find out where she is now!
1) Hi Safa, thanks for taking time out of your day to chat with us. First we were wondering, can you let us know what led you to apply to the Introduction to Scrub and Scout Nursing Program?
I wanted to gain new skills and gain employment as a scrub and scout nurse. After many job application attempts most of which required recent experience as a scout and scrub nurse, applying for the perioperative nursing program supported what I needed in seeking to gain further career development. 
2) Can you tell us a little bit about your experience on your Clinical Placement? 
During my time on clinical placement I was able to explore and assist in various procedures. It provided me with the opportunity to take the skill sets learnt during class and apply them in a practical setting. Throughout the 3 weeks of clinical placement I was fortunate to be able to attend and assist various procedures in areas of endoscopy, plastics, dental, urology and observe robotic assisted surgery with the use of a Da Vinci approach technology. The staff all gave me great opportunities to learn from them as they educated me on their roles in the procedures and what is required in a day to day shift.

3) What was the best part of your experience with AHA?
Having the opportunity to be prepared by so many experienced nurses, and the opportunity to be taught by Menna Davies who also brought in a lot of representatives to introduce us to new technologies and teach us about equipments that would be commonly used in a theatre setting. Also to participate in double scrub in a procedure with the CNS was a great opportunity.
4) Did you obtain employment through the program? 
Yes. During my time in clinical placement they where able to see my dedication and ambition for the job, and provided me with a chance to be interviewed. I was successful in the interview and am now working as a scrub and scout nurse at Hurstville Private Hospital! 
5) Would you recommend this program to others?
Yes, definitely.  The staffing was a great help to ensure you gain and acquire the most favourable outcome in both theory and practical. 
If you're a nurse who is interested in working as a Perioperative Nurse, our new Theatre Start Program is exactly what you need!  This program offers a 12 week internship and is open to nurses with and without conditions on their registration. 2022 course dates will be announced and applications opened up the end of October or beginning of November. If you want to stay in the loop, fill out the interest form on the website page and we will email you once dates are open.
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