Interview with Past Students Series #1: Mary

Interview Blog Mary

Hello everyone, my name is Jacquie Apps and I am the Education and Training Director for the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA). I thought I would write this short blog as part of our ongoing series to showcase and congratulate our Graduates who gain employment as registered nurses (EN/RN). Our key message from these posts is to tell you that if you have not gotten a job yet you are not alone and your dream to work as a registered nurse (EN/RN) it is STILL a REAL possibility.

I trust that these posts will give you the hope and the inspiration to keep on trying!

So, with this in mind let me tell you about one of our recent WorkReady Support Graduates who I recently was able to interview after she landed her dream nursing job working at Chatswood Private Hospital as a perioperative nurse.

Mary graduated her Bachelor of Nursing Program in 2019, due to some family issues she had a year off which meant that she did not complete a New Graduate Transition Program. Unfortunately, when Mary was ready to start her career she was unable to get an RN position even though she madly applied to a range of job advertisements – around 20 per week! Mary was told that this was because she did not have any recent RN experience or any recent clinical references.

Stumbling onto the AHA Facebook page Mary saw an advertisement for the WorkReady Support Program and after looking at the testimonials and talking to her friends thought it might be worth a try.

Mary stated that after a 1-year gap the 5-day workshop was a “great space in which to learn, even areas that I struggled with at Uni were simplified and made easy to understand. “Marie (the Trainer) makes the practical content interesting and engages the whole class … I wasn’t made to feel stupid so I answered more questions than I think I ever did at Uni” “I really got allot out of the sessions on diabetes and IV lines. .the small class sizes helped so that I learnt allot!

Next was a placement at Waratah Private Hospital on the busy surgical ward and in the recovery unit…”Placement was great the workshop refreshed my mind and practice and provided an opportunity to practice my clinical skills… the Educator at Waratah was so supportive and knowledgeable even giving me advise on what to put in my resume!”

Throughout her 3 weeks on placement Mary described in our interview how she became more confident in her nursing practice and whilst still struggling with time management became more efficient. Educating patients and doing 12 Lead ECG’s with ease was something that she had never been confident to do before but was now doing.

In the last week of placement Mary who has a passion for ENT and ophthalmology surgery got an opportunity to work in theatres. This would prove to be a pivotal point in Marys nursing career and would lead her to a position at Chatswood Private Hospital as she gained invaluable experience working in a theatre environment. Mary attributed her ability to get a position to being stubborn and not wanting to give up “At one point I lost hope that I wouldn’t get any nursing position and by doing the WorkReady program not only did I get an RN position I got a role that I am really interested in … luck and blessings brought me to you”

When asked what you would say to other New Graduates in the same position Mary said “I would definitely recommend this program to someone else … don’t loose too much hope, don’t give up with support from AHA you can do it! Many of my friends were sceptical of the program before I enrolled as they thought it might be a waste of money but it gave me experience and helped me land my dream job.

Congratulations Mary we are so happy to have been able to be part of your nursing journey we look forward to hearing what’s next in your career. If you would like to congratulate Mary on her new position like this post on Facebook or leave us a comment to pass onto her.