I have conditions on my registration and this is my story.

Blog 16_01 blog photoHey everyone! I’m Dee,

Now how did I not know about AHA?

Firstly, I like to give my uttermost gratitude to the entire AHA team for their continuous support and sacrifices given to me during this process. Here is my story: 

I graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor in Nursing back in 2015. After graduation, I tried on numerous occasions to pass the English language test, but I couldn’t get the required grades needed by AHPRA. I think I tried about five times and couldn’t get all seven bands so I decided to study for another two years to be able to meet AHPRA's criteria for registration. I studied a Diploma in Business Management. After I completed my total five years of studies, in 2018, I then applied for my nursing registration at the end of 2018. The process was delayed by AHPRA until August 2019 was when i was granted my registration but with conditions.

My conditions were based on the fact that since graduation I hadn’t practiced my skills so for that reason I had to complete a total of 450 hours of supervised practice within a clinical setting. Now this is when a friend of mine told me about AHA; I immediately called and booked an appointment with them.

The very first day I met with Jacquie, the RTO Manager. She was very nice and very supportive. She immediately told me that they can help me. But prior to meeting with AHA, I had tried numerous places and they all rejected my application. When Jacquie told me that they could help me, I was very excited because I have worked and waited for this for so long and I was determined to do whatever it take to get the conditions off my registration.

So, I enrolled in the five day intensive workshop that covers everything that happens in the real world of nursing. This workshop really helped me a lot because considering my situation that I was facing, I’ve been sitting for almost four years since graduation without practicing my skills. This five day workshop really helped me physically and mentally for my clinical placement. Jacquie and her team are amazing and this program really helps when you’re about to get in the workforce. Their method of teaching is very good. To be honest, some of the stuff I learned during the workshop, I didn’t know it until then. I personally struggled with drug calculation but with the help of Catriona, I was able to get the concept which I’m very grateful. The workshop that I attended is a part of their WorkReady Support Program and if you are interested you can click the link below to check it out! Any nurses with conditions are required to attend this workshop before they can start their supervised practice. 

WorkReady Support Program for  Nursing Registration Conditions
After the workshop, I was able to start my 12 weeks of supervised practice or placement. I’m very excited and can’t wait to complete this and start working. I started my placement on the 25th of November. My first week was strictly supervised because of my restrictions but my second week was great. I was doing lots of stuff but again with supervision. My second week, I removed a JP drain and followed aseptic technique. Prior to removing the JP drain, the patient was very nervous due to her previous experience she had, I was also nervous as well but I kept my calm as my supervisor reassured the patient that it will be easy. My supervisor kept on talking with the patient as I removed the drain and the patient didn’t felt any pain. She didn’t realise the drain was out because we distracted her attention from the process. Moving on from here, I think in the future, I will learn to reassure my patient as much I I can to distract their attention from the process. It was a great experience.

Week 3: Has been great. Started taking a three patient load. I am doing absolutely everything for them except I am being supervised during medication rounds. My confidence is growing a lot now.

Week 4: I returned to placement after three weeks off during the the holiday. I’m doing well I must say. I am taking a patient load and doing everything a nurse would do. I am even doing S8 & S4 medications with other nurses. I am identifying changes in my patients and reporting to my supervisor. I’m loving it so far. I will keep you posted as I get to the end of my placement.

My advice to other nurses who have similar conditions as me, please do not give up! Call AHA NOW and their amazing team will help you in any way possible. They have helped many nurses get back to the workforce and they can help you too!