04 Sep

Case Study #3: Linda Brown

Hey nurses! 👋 We are back with our monthly case studies!! These case studies are a great opportunity to practice your critical thinking and earn CPD hours! You are able to claim CPD hours for the time spent researching the case and answering the…

17 Feb

Case Study #2: Mary Byrne Answers

Hey nurses! 👋 Last week we looked after Mary Byrne, a 75 year old patient admitted after a fall at home, an increase in her confusion and a decrease in her ability to perform her ADLs. The answers to our critical thinking questions are below! …

07 Feb

Case Study #2: Mary Byrne

Hey nurses! 👋 Case Study #2 coming your way! This week we are going to be looking after Mary Byrne. Mary has been admitted to hospital due to a fall at home, an increase in her confusion and a decrease in her ability to perform her ADLs.  Name:…

23 Jan

Case Study #1: Sam Smith Answers

Hey nurses! 👋 We hope that you had a fun time thinking about our first case study from last week! We have posted the answers below under the questions:  Our first case study is going to be on Sam Smith, find it below! 🤗 Case Study #1 Name: Sam…

20 Jan

I have conditions on my registration and this is my story.

Hey everyone! I’m Dee, Now how did I not know about AHA? Firstly, I like to give my uttermost gratitude to the entire AHA team for their continuous support and sacrifices given to me during this process. Here is my story:  I graduated from Charles…

17 Jan

Case Study #1: Sam Smith

Hey nurses! 👋 We are starting a new activity with our followers and students! Fortnightly on Fridays we are going to be posting a case study with some questions at the end, the following Friday we will be posting the answers! This is meant to be a…

23 Dec

Recency of Practice, what do you know?

Did you know that one of the Standards that all Registered and Enrolled Nurses in Australia must meet is Recency of Practice? This means that when you renew your registration with AHPRA, every year, you have to declare that within the last five…

05 Dec

What Is the Average Nurse Salary in Australia Per Division?

We often hear nurses, including myself particularly after a run of nights, complaining about their wage. But what do nurses in Australian actually earn per year and how do the powers-at-be decide who gets paid more or less?

02 Dec

Interview Tips for Nurses

Applying for jobs is time-consuming, especially in this competitive market. When you’ve found a nursing position you really want, and you’ve made it through the application and selection criteria stage, you want to make sure you nail it when you go…

28 Oct

My Experience as a New Grad Nurse with AHA

Hey everyone! My name is Emily and I completed Australian Healthcare Academy’s WorkReady Support Program for New Graduate Nurses earlier this year. I wanted to share with you all a bit about my experience so that hopefully some of your questions can…