July Student Spotlight: Anna Lee

Monthly Student Spotlight Anna Lee (1)
Hi Everyone!
This month we would like to put the spotlight on Anna who just finished her Supervised Practice through the Conditional Nurse Support Program. Anna had conditions placed on her registration by AHPRA due to not meeting recency of practice hour requirements. Because of her conditions, she was required to complete 450 hours of supervised practice. Having exhausted all avenues herself, Anna turned to us at Australian Healthcare Academy to help her find a facility to support her through the 450 hours. Since finishing her placement, Anna has successfully obtained employment at the facility she completed her hours at! Anna was nice enough to take some time out of her day to answer some questions about the program and how she found it. 
1) What led you to apply to the Conditional Nurse Support Program?
I was away from the workforce as I had to focus on raising two kids. After 7 years, my kids now have grown up enough to go to school and I wanted to go back to work. However, I didn’t meet the ‘recency of practice’ when renewing my registration, which had to be declared to AHPRA and I received the conditioned registration where I need 450hrs supervised practice.
2) How did you find your supervised practice placement?
I was trying to find a place (hospitals/aged care facility) to support me with this supervised practice for almost 2 years. However, it was extremely difficult as not a single place really wanted to offer the supervised practice for almost 3 months. When I almost gave up, I just googled “how can I find a supervised practice with conditioned registration?” and fortunately this is how I found AHA.
3) What was the best part of your experience with AHA?
AHA was a very organised and supportive academy obviously. I never had the conditioned registration before and therefore I had no idea what sort of process to follow in order to complete the 450hrs supervised practice. I initially thought finding a place that offers supervision is the only thing I had to do without knowing how much paperwork I had to prepare, the importance of theoretical courses I had to attend. After the course completion, I definitely felt this is something I couldn't have done just by myself. I felt the cost was worth spending and now feel grateful for AHA that they supported me in finishing the course, finding the placement, and help me gain my registration back.

4) Did you obtain employment through the program?
Yes I did! 450hrs is almost 3 months time as a full-time and I got familiar with the routine of the ward. Luckily, the hospital provided me with the opportunity to sit on the interview as I have proved my capability already during the placement.

5) Would you recommend this program to others?

Yes for sure. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is in a similar situation like me and I already asked my friend to consider it if she wants.  Also, I strongly recommend this program for regaining confidence in their profession as well.
If you are a nurse with conditions on your registration due to deferred registration after graduation, or not meeting recency of practice hours, we might be able to help you too! You can read more on the program here, or contact us either by phone 1300 953 276 (9 LEARN) or email info@healthcareacademy.com.au. 
That's all for today, thanks for reading, make sure you check back next month to see what student we feature next!