Case Study #1: Sam Smith

Hey nurses! 👋

We are starting a new activity with our followers and students! Fortnightly on Fridays we are going to be posting a case study with some questions at the end, the following Friday we will be posting the answers! This is meant to be a fun and interactive way for all of us to learn together. Feel free to post in the comments any questions that you have about the case study and we can talk through them together! 

Our first case study is going to be on Sam Smith, find it below! 🤗Case Study #1_ Mr. Smith

Case Study #1

Name: Sam Smith

DOB: 01/02/1949 Age 70

Allergies: Penicillin, causes anaphylaxis


Admission Reason: right hip replacement

PMHx: Afib, DM type 2 , HTN, ex-smoker 20 years, had a fall last month- tripped on steps going into his unit causing rt hip #.

Social Hx: Lives at home with wife Mary in a unit, 3 steps into unit, and handrails in unit.

Details about Sam Smith:

  • Height: 170 cm Weight: 70kg
  • Fully Independent with ADLS pre surgery, using a stick to Mobilize. was transferring independently.
  • Alert and orientated
  • Wears glasses daily
  • Has dentures (upper and lower).
  • Observations on admission at 13:30:
    • RR 16, 02 Sats 98% RA, BP 182/90, HR 95 Irregular, Temp 36.2, BSL 8.2
  • Patient has been fasting since midnight
  • Falls risk assessment done, Mr. Smith scored a 7
  • Waterlow done, Mr. Smith scored an 11
  • Medications: Metformin, Apixiban, Enalapril, Furosemide, Amlodipine, Atorvastatin, Vitamin D. 


Answer the following questions about Mr. Smith: 

1) Are you concerned about Mr. Smith's admission observations? Why or why not? If you are concerned, what are you concerned about and what would your nursing interventions be? 

2) Are you concerned at all about Mr. Smith's Falls Risk score or Waterlow score? Why or why not? What are some interventions that should be put in place for Mr. Smith? 

3) Does an ECG need to be done on Mr. Smith? Why or why not? 

4) What medications of Mr. Smith's should be on hold prior to surgery and for how long should they have been on hold? 

Remember, if you have any questions about the case or the above questions, lets have a discussion in the comments this week! We will be posting the answers to the Case Study on our blog next Friday!